“When I first started my 9 week journey, my vibration was at a low frequency and I didn’t have a clue why at first. However once I began to meet with the amazing Jan MacInnes once a week, we went over all of the toxic feelings I needed to release into the universe in order to move over into a reality of joy, peace and love. To make a long story short once I completed the nine week journey, I felt like a completely different human being with more energy, power, happiness, and love than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Jan for coming into my space that day and giving me a opportunity to work with you. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything else in the world. You managed to help me get one step closer to helping me make my dreams a reality. “

Matthew G. – Florida

“Jan MacInnes is an incredible life and energy alignment coach!  I remember meeting Jan while I was studying abroad in Thailand. I was out one night in Chiang Mai and my friends wanted to end the night and go home but I wanted to stay out.  I remember meditating days before and asking the Universe for a guru in my life.  She literally appeared to me so randomly off the street.  We instantly clicked!  She looked at me and said “Ooh girl, you are waking up!”  We talked for hours and I stayed out with her while my friends went back home.  That night, she made me feel so comfortable and safe while we were out exploring the city together.  She read my energy and pointed out major belief systems that I needed to change.  Someone I had never met before was telling me how to fix the problems in my life and awaken to higher levels of consciousness.  I knew in that moment that she was the mentor I needed.  Since then we have been in close contact and every day she helps me stay in alignment vibration to manifest everything I want in life.  She always knows the exact right thing to say and whenever my vibration drop she will instantly message me and help guide me to positivity.  In less than 4 months Jan has helped me leave a toxic relationship, find my soul purpose, live in my heart center, and manifest my desires by maintaining an elevated vibration.  I am so incredibly thankful to have met this woman and began coaching with her. Absolutely life changing. “

Reyna Anderson- Chicago, Illinois

“Everything starts from our mind and the moment when I met Jan, I remember all the conversations that we had. She helped me to be able to see things more clearly about the connection and the energy that surrounds us. I had the pleasure to share my stories with her, and she inspired me even more to visualize more dreams and things I want in life. One wisdom that I will always remember from her is, LET IT GO! “

Sweania Delisa- Bali, Indonesia 

“I am so grateful for the coaching you’ve provided! Over the past 2+ years that I’ve known you,  I’ve had some serious shifts happen!  I was just a beginner when I met you and was curious about energy and learning about myself.  You have been so influential in reaffirming and encouraging my awakening!  Through all my ups and downs, and countless questions, you’ve provided guidance, scans, releasing of binds, and positive affirmations. 

Even as recent as the October to November 2018 New moon, you performed a body scan and that helped me shift my vibration from stagnant to active! Right on time for the 11:11:11 shift! I was able to identify and release negative binds and now I’m clear, radiating energy, and have purged…I’ve also begun my Reiki training! 

I’m excited to continue working together, shifting onward and upward and manifesting more abundance! Sending you gratitude, blessings and light!”

Natasha Cook- Bellevue, Washington 

“I asked the Universe for a good friend that’s on the same path that I am on. Jan showed up like an angel for me. She helped me to realize that everything I need is within me. I can embrace the beauty and Goddess within me and manifest my desires. Jan has a special power within her that she is sharing with the world to make it better. One life at a time. I have witnessed people being drawn to her in crowds. I would recommend her to anyone that needs guidance. I am forever enlightened. “

Christine Schmudlach- Viera, Florida