Running for Public Office?

I have a love request for anyone who is running for public office.  Please take the time find 10 positive things that your ‘opponent’ has brought forward.  If you can, try to meet with them privately and sincerely thank them for those things they have done that you agree with.   Then softly share the further change you want to see.  I would then say “even if I lose, please take any part of my message you agree with and institute that change”.  Because it really doesn’t matter who institutes the change.  Its not about the candidate or their party, its about the change we all want to see.  Focus on your message, not sending hate to the alternate point of view.  If you want the parties (and the country) to heal, that change begins with you running a clean campaign and treating your ‘opponent’ with respect. #DREAMFAM

-Brian MacInnes

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