What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is an earthbound soul that works directly with the energetic light flowing from source energy (consciousness).

Physical Reality can be described as a holographic projection with the ‘projector’ being consciousness and the ‘screen’ being what we interpret as the ‘here and now’.  Every physical object, body, thoughtform, and even this planet are projections of consciousness.

But ‘you’ are not a projection, your awareness is the light.  Your body belongs to the Earth but the part of you that knows ‘I exist, I am here’ is the light.

Most people think they can only work with the projections that already exist in physical reality.  It is usually difficult for these people to create change because they need to “see the change before they believe it”.  They will waste their energy fighting against unwanted projections not realizing that the way they are focusing their energy is actually making those projections stronger.

A Lightworker understands that what currently exists ‘here and now’ is a projection that was first a thoughtform.  Because nothing on this plane of existence is inherently real, the Lightworker is constantly challenging everything they hear and see against their inner compass and deciding if they agree with the thought that created that reality.  If they disagree with the thought, they immediately assert that the opposite thought is true.  That new intention is deliberate creation, and that new thought is a seed that gets planted in the collective consciousness of the Earth.  Because we are all connected, other conscious humans receive the new thoughtform as a ‘download’ or ‘inspiration’ and start working towards that new reality.   That is how a Lightworker heals the collective consciousness.

The inner compass is a simple mechanism for anyone to master.  If a thought feels good, then it is in alignment with that person’s path or life purpose.  If a thought feels bad, then that idea runs contrary to that person’s path.  When given two options, you take the option that feels good in your heart.

It is important to note the inner compass can only function if the person is accustomed to feeling good.  If they are constantly stressed and feeling bad it will be difficult for them to feel which decision is best for them.   This is why it is so important to be good to ourselves and take time for rejuvenation.  This includes drinking water, eating healthy food, getting a good night’s sleep and generally being nice to ourselves and to others.

Will you be a Lightworker?

-Brian MacInnes

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